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2012 VJFEST ISTANBUL Festival Activities

5th International Live Video Festival, 12-16th June 2012


International and free festival happened four nights in the streets in Taksim and Tarlabasi as well as one night at the club Peyote. Live video performances were the actions as video projections onto the architectures with and without live acoustic music. Places were Hazzo Pulo, Galata Tower, Sakizagaci Sokak and Istiklal Street.

About five hundred people got interested in our activities,  experienced our visuals and interactive videos. Saturday night was the festival`s closing party at the club Peyote with Video Jockeys and DJs. Like hundred and fifty people entertained the live audiovisuals.

At Koza Visual Association, artists shared their knowledge in the workshops. The topics are video projection mapping, animation with Flash, free VJ software puredata, Arduino and visual artists` presentations of their works. More than 50 artists from 8 countries joined VJ fest Istanbul 2012. See the artists details here.


12 JUNE 2012 22.00 pm- 01-30 am  
Projection Mapping with real-time visualization of live violin of Alishya (Latvia) by Mayer+Empl (Germany).

Hazzo Pulo is an open-air place in Istiklal Street where mostly many people sitting, drinking tea.We set up a big (12.000 lumens) video projector and used the facade as a projection surface.

 TARLABASI AUDIOVISUAL TRANSFORMATION 14 June 2012, 22.00 pm - 01.30 am
2nd Floor:  Ssbunderground`s live music & Interactive drawing projected onto them
1st Floor: Mayer+Empl`s architectural projection mapping

    More info, photos and videos about the Tarlabasi Audiovisual Transformation act here and other page Turkce


13 June 2012, 22.00-02.00
  • Animations of LWZ (Austria)

    15 June 2012, 22.00-02.30

Music & Video: Surya Project & Ufo.tv (Bulgaria)
Visuals: Baran Gulesen

Glitchbook  by Alvaro Munoz

Small software takes your photo
and make it glitch with a random
process so every photo is different.


16 June 2012, 22.00-04.00
Nela`s Hulohoop with real-time visuals

WORKSHOPS @ KOZAVISUAL Association, Beyoglu







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